Dear Diary;
Getting involved in the classes and activities here. The morning Zumba classes led by Sister Mary Mary (you can never have enough Marys) get me going (literally), and Thursday night Bingo is jam-packed. I think it’s the free Chex party mix and Vodka chasers… Anyhow, I created a beautiful candy dish this weekend, using paper mache made of torn up church bulletins! And I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s feature lecture based on ArchBishop Giordano’s runaway bestseller, Tips and Tricks to Becoming a Patron Saint. Hey – you never know.

Speaking of which, I’ve decided to add Saint Joseph, patron saint of carpenters, to my list of daily prayers. Hoping it will speed things up at my new house. Meanwhile, the freaking Jacuzzi here has yet to be opened. I wonder if there’s a patron saint of hot tubs…