Dear Diary;
Lots of calls about product endorsements! Seriously considering some… that PICK A POPE mobile app sounds pretty fun, and the KEEP CALM AND SAY TEN HAIL MARY’S shirt is a freaking riot! I also gave the go-ahead for this year’s Bene-Blanc, a dry white that will be added to the line of Vatican Vino they sell at the gift shop. And last week, the local mercato sent over a sampling of their custom-blend of Pope-Pourri, but frankly it smelled like cat piss.

So far, my favorite idea is the line of designer vestments for the smartly dressed priest to be marketed under the label VatiVesti. It’s a top-rack-only collection that includes a velvet-red Cape of Good Pope for those molto special occasions. I wonder what it would look like with my yoga pants…