Dear Diary;
Purchased products from my all-night shop-fest have finally been arriving. The Snuggie is nice, but too warm for this season. The ShamWOWs smell funny (and I haven’t even peed on them yet), so I doubt I’ll be keeping them. And the WaxVac is on backorder – which really sucks, because I wanted to use it before Easter services.

But the Bullet Blender came this morning. It looks really different than the commercial, and it’s smaller than I thought it would be – way too tiny for breakfast shakes. The package does say Bullet though… It also included a recharger and samples of some kind of oil that tastes weird, so I sure as shit won’t be blending with them.

In passing, I mentioned to Sister Juanita that I’d be returning it, but she seemed quite eager to try it first. I told her that was fine but I have no idea how she’s gonna be satisfied with something that small…