Dear Diary;
Thought I was gonna die before those shit-for-balls contractors finished, but here I finally am in my new home. Halla-fuckin-loo-yah!

It totally rocks too. The Sleep Number bed arrived, the bar’s stocked with the good shit, the hot tub’s open, and they transformed one of the extra libraries into a craft room for my garbanzo-beans-turned-rosary-beads business. Which, by the way, has been doing pretty well. Etsy, here I come!

I was also able to move the staff around a bit, to bring Sister Juanita to the new house. We’ve become… well, close over the past month, once she showed me precisely why she never gave back my Bullet. Which, by the way, hasn’t got a freaking thing to do with making breakfast shakes. Who knew??

Yup – we’ve moved waaaay beyond your average pope-meets-nun thing. Don’t want to write too many details here, except that I finally get what all those lay people have been bragging about.

Needless to say, most of my time has been split between her room and the Confessional box. Man; those rosary beads I’ve been making sure have come in handy…